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Loving deeply is not merely about loving someone else.

Loving deeply is about loving yourself as deeply as you love others.

If you cannot love yourself, then your temple and every aspect of you

cannot receive love. Your DNA knows real love. Your DNA responds

to real love. Your DNA absorbs every thought, word and deed,

thereby evolving you to a higher height or thrusting you

to the depths of inner turmoil. Give to your DNA what

it needs to evolve & ascend.


Love deeply the inner you, the core of your being

Love deeply the outer you, the shell of your existence

Love deeply the mental you, the seat of your knowing

Love deeply the intellectual you, the house of knowledge

Love deeply the emotional you, the garden of joy

Love deeply all the things that make up you

Because it is through loving you first that all

the love you shower upon another becomes true

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