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The ISness

How does one grow without making space? How does one become better than they were in the moment before without making space? In our moments, we are constantly finding ourselves tangled up in the "I, Me, Mine" - "You, yours, his/hers" mentality - forgetting that our wholeness already is, as is so much of what we seek outside of ourselves.

Our minds fill our moments with constant chatter to the point where we've given it a voice and consume our now's with chaotic melodies that keep us in a constant state of confusion. We're always drifting to the past or wondering into the future.Yet we forget, the only true time is right here, right now. Everything else has either already happened, or has yet to happen...but the now is always happening as Is. And so, we drift sailing here and there, in circles of chaos following an enchanting melody that never leads us to shore.

The human experience is filled with paradoxes, as we are always searching outside of ourselves to become more than what we deem "ordinary" rather wishing to become unique/special/great in some capacity.... forgetting that by resting in simplicities, by resting in the magic of the now and trusting the direction we are currently flowing in, we already are all we want to become. There is nothing that can be found outside of ourselves. To search beyond where we are is to inevitably set out on a journey of suffering. It is almost laughable to see ourselves look all around 'out there' for that which can only be found in us. The peace, the tranquility, the forgiveness, the knowing, the compassion, the LOVE, the truth of what we truly are and forever will be is all right where we are, and yet we journey about in an endless search of what already is - wondering why nothing we "discover" brings peace to our moments.

When we quiet our minds, we resurrect the voice of the heart. We give it space to come out of the darkness and to speak to us in silence. Minds hold onto ideas about what we think we are, as hearts know. Hearts don't try to prove right or wrong - minds do. And so, as the heart is given space to rise above and shine down on us, we make room for the necessary by letting go of the unnecessary. The necessary is given space to speak, while the unnecessary evaporates itself, and with it the chaos/doubt/fear/worry/judgments fade as well.

Our minds are so filled with chatter of disbelief that they even turn simplicities into chaos. Minds can't fathom what IS, as they are always seeking to prove what isn't about the ISness. They have no faith in anything but self-preservation.....yet our idea of self, held in the mind, isn't even real and so the heart returns to us allowing us rest/peace/tranquility/compassion as we explore our doubts in our journey, and we begin to experience ancient truths of what IS and forever will be.....and doubt too, evaporates itself.

It is meant for us to experience our "individual" adventures, because inevitably it will lead us to the knowing that we are all a part of the whole. As science continues to grow,develop and Earth, like the Universe, like us... we will be shown more and more that we are all connected on the same energy field, as the ripples made in the water on one side of the Universe will reach the shores of its other side. And as our experience continues, and journey unfolds, and our minds unravel, and our heart speaks, our light will combine, and we will walk hand in hand in gratitude for the inevitable truths that exist without versions or translations...we will all rest together, and forever more, in what IS.


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