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Suga Sunshine

Suga Sunshine'


Let me tell you about this time/ I was surfing on the net trying to impress this dime...

But her vibrations made waves that caused me to crash on the beach of her mind

I decided to chill and sip a frozen margarita with a slice of lime

But before I go further with my lines/ Let me introduce Little Louie Sunshine


So as I laid there soakin up sun rays/ It crossed my mind to leave but I postponed it

I was so open of the moment / then I started to dozin’/ But not from a good bonin’

Slim had me zonin her Melatonin..

I had visions of flirting in front of water fountains like Darius n' Nina

When they were love jonesin’!


So at first I was little pressed but she made me chill

The more I started to chill/ The more we started to build

Then I started to get to the core of her soul but there were so many layers to peal

And the more she started to reveal/ I realized I had to have this Suga Plum

She became the sweetest piece of fruit that I might have to steal


Priceless as Isis, Better yet Auset..

Lady Dujour, Queen Mother, Sister, wet dream

Supreme Lover, She got so many names...

D&G, Gucci & Prada/ She got so many Frames

“Ms. Future Flava” and all her styles, swervin all over the road/ she got so many lanes

And the breeze carries the smell of Neroli Jasmine off her neck

So, I can’t get her off my brain

It poured into my olfactory senses and left a permanent stain

I Inhale through my nose and exhale out mouth

Just to let her roll over my tongue and again and again

The taste is so familiar however never quite the same


So it ain't hard to see, She’s on her God Degree/ Pardon me that’s Goddess Degree

Like Erykah B.....’Certainly, Certainly’

So I keep my eyes on the prize/ quite dreamin about her thighs

And tune into her vibes soon enough to realize

Her thoughts marry up wit mine like Food & Wine

So I can dine on her lines/ Drink what she think

Smoke on her jokes, then let my feet recline

I just hope she concedes to this astrology and let our stars align


She walks with a guarded heart yet somehow it speaks to me

And brings out a different type of freak in me / Its not physical see

‘cuz Shorty is frequently raising her frequency

She’s learnin’ to balance out her attributes and emotions

So when this WISdom calms herself

The stillness coincides with Moon’s refection off the ocean.

And beneath the stars you can see her silhouette raisin off the waters

Believe, This the type of women you’d want raisin ya’ Sons Moons stars & daughters...

Word to KAIRO/ Believe she resurrecting and raising DIVINE Orders. (Kairo Divine)

But allow me to EDIT ‘cuz I didn’t tell her a thing/ she deserves all the credit

Mediation, Diet & yoga her culture’s all Kemetic.

I just had a hunger for a woman who had a thirst for life...... and she fed it...



Copyright © 2011 AftaOurz Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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