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For everything that God created there is a season. Throughout the course of our lives, we experience different seasons. It is extremely important that you pay attention to God for instruction because you don't want to plant good seeds on barren land. We must learn that just because God has promised us a fruitful harvest doesn't mean we will be able to pick our fruit when we want to. God's promise is not like that of man, it is sure and definite. It is not temporary and filled with all types of clauses. They only thing God wants from us is honor, to honor him in the manner that he deserves by living a certain type of life. In order for us to have the things that we desire, we have to know what season we are in................................


WINTER is the toughest season because the cold puts everything on halt(frozen). This is the time you have to trust God more then ever because winter is so unpredictable. As we all know, sometimes winter weather is short lived and it begins to thaw soon and sometimes winter conditions last well into spring. There are even times when you think that winter is over because you have a few sunny days and then....................... in comes another cold front. Anything that is planted in winter, will never grow during this season because the weather is too cold. Winter is the season that normally test the faith of many of us because if we have a long winter, we tend to question God.


SPRING is the beautiful season in which every thing grows. This is the season when our lives have the most balance. There is enough rain and sunshine, everything flourishes . This is the time when we can reap all of the harvest that God has promised. We can be fruitful and multiply!!!!! However, we have to be sure not to pick your fruit soon or too late, timing is everything!!


SUMMER is kind of tricky, because it is the season in which you experience the most light but there are also a lot of storms. Many times the summer harvest depends on the how bad the storms are. It is when we are able to see how strong the seeds you planted are. If they are strong enough, they can weather the storm and if not............................. (you get the picture)


FALL is when the winds of change begin to blow. It is what prepares us for winter. Many times the change that you encounter during fall brings on an early winter. We tend to want to hold on to summer during the fall because it is so hard to embrace change. We have become accustom to the warmth..................... However, we need to trust God and know that change is good.


Pay attention to God, be aware of the season that you are in. Embrace the things that God has for you both good and bad because in the end, it will all be for the good. Are seeds that you want to sow but if you want to reap the harvest of the sweetest fruit, make sure it is planted in the right season.



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