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No Matter What

I may say some things to get you thinking.I may say somethings that make you angry. I may post something you think is outlandish. I may talk about unity, and that may not vibrate with you. I may call ALL people my sistars & brothers - GODS & GODDESSES, not just those that share my skin color. I may not believe as you believe. I may post seemingly outrageous supernatural videos, and you may not agree. I may share a channeled message from Salusa of Sirius, and you may not take me serious. I may speak of higher dimensional beings, and starseeds, and other planets. I may tell you about my own planet and why I'm here. I may talk about the impossible and you may not believe I acheive it ...or even that YOU can acheive it. I may speak about numbers and their accuracy, you may look at me strange. I may talk about acceptance and elevation and vibrating higher - you may remain on a lower level. I may ask you to teach me about LOVE - you may only have a lesson of fear. I may speak of LOVE as something that ALL deserve - you may find reasons not to. I may fall down - you may kick me. I may forgive you - you may hold a grudge against me. I may laugh - you may criticize. I may 'LIKE" a status that is completely out of this world. I may not comment on a subject that I feel is lifting up the greater good within you. I made 'hide' your post - you may 'hide' mine...

I may even send you away with LOVE, but one things for sure -I LOVE YOU above all matter the disguise of wretchedness, hurt, pain, anger, or fear - I WILL LOVE.

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