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My Thoughts on LOVE



So many people ask me "What is LOVE?" I find that such a challenging question to answer sometimes, especially when dealing with the ideas that we have been programmed to believe that LOVE is.


LOVE is none of those things, but everything that we are. Confusing, I know.


Once upon a time, I used to think that LOVE was reserved for "special" people. Family & significant others that entered our lives, and on occassion we would extend IT to our friends. Thinking back upon those days now, it's almost as if there was this special club that you had to be a part of in order to be LOVED.


When you think about it, you are programmed to LOVE your family. That's something that we are taught through our conditioning here on this planet. This is why so many people who are not "close" to their families sometimes have such a hard time breaking free, because they have been taught that they MUST LOVE them.


The reality of LOVE is far different from that special, romantic, reserved, sentimentality that we believe IT to be. LOVE is synonymous with SOURCE (or what you may call GOD) in that neither of THEM can contradict themselves. They simply are in and of everything. They are our very makeup - our divinity, our DNA, or breath. LOVE IS. IT needs nothing to hold it up as IT stands on it's own. The challenge we now face is the rememberance of IT's divinity. Through remembering the TRUTH of LOVE, we in turn remember ourselves and are then, and only then, able to expand upon IT's energy field. We begin to overstand that LOVE is not for a "special" group, but for us all. IT is not something to be expressed from time to time, but in every step we take....every breath we breath.


Our minds often complicate things that are so very simple, and when simplicity is offered to us - because we are so used to dealing in complications- our minds have problems digesting it. You cannot explain something so simple to anyone that wants or thinks it to be more and so there is no complicated answer, like so many desire....simply a knowing, an overstanding....a joy...a rememberance. If I had to sum up in one sentence what LOVE is, I could and easily...Now whether or not this will make sense to you now is another story, however, upon your journey I promise you - one day it will all make sense.




No one is without LOVE, as everyone IS LOVE - even when they have forgotten.



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