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MY LOVE IS.... My Love is the Voice with no Words, My Love is the Sound you never Heard. My Love is the Touch that's not Physical, My Love is the Feeling that's Spiritual. My Love is the Vision which eyes can not See, My Love is the Picture of just You and Me. My Love is the Antidote that works slow or Quick, My Love is the Cure for a world that's so Sick. My Love is the Change that the Universe Longs, My Love is the Thang that will always be Strong. My Love is the Energy that took Human Form, My Love is the Gift from the Stars I was Born. My Love is the Bridge to connect Hurts to Hope, My Love is the Comfort Zone to help you Cope, My Love is the Yes and never a Nope, My Love is the Action of words I never Spoke. My Love is many things as wide as the sky is Blue, MY LOVE IS......Simply for YOU!!! ThirdsEyeView

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