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They say that Motivation is like bathing… must be done daily. When you think about it like that it seems to make better sense. We have to do a better job of motivating ourselves. Rising up, like a Phoenix to hit the ground running happy and full of energy. We shouldn’t wait around for others to motivate us, they will simply be lighting a dim light….but it’s up to us to carry the torch. Focus less on the negative and more on the positive. List all the many things that you are thankful and grateful for to begin to shift your mind’s state. Look up quotes. Share them. We are here to be in service. We are here to lift others up as high as we are. WE ARE NOT HERE TO GET HIGH, WE ARE HERE TO GET FREE. And so every moment of everyday we should be filled to the brim with goodness and hope, and we should share those feelings with all those around us. Motivation doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be done. Anything in life will be what you say it will be. The sooner you are able to wrap your head around that statement, the sooner your life will become abundant and a joy to live. As we embark upon these daily adventures, we must motivate ourselves to pull the positive out of ALL situations. We must be a vessel of LIGHT. Leaders. Warriors of hope. We were given “strong” shoes for our difficult situations, so we were never abandoned…never lab rats…..never tested…..never “tried”…. we are in control of the lives we lead. Feel JOY. Feel LIGHT. Feel HOPE. Feel ABUNDANCE. Feel SUPERIOR. Feel VICTORIOUS. Feel the motivation coursing through every fiber of your being. LET GO of the feelings you learned in the past that haven’t served you well, AND FEEL GOOD about this very moment. Then when you get these feelings deep inside, way down into your soul…SHARE THEM WITH OTHERS. That’s all you have to do. Don’t wait for someone else to lift you up. They may very well need you to lift them up. Be the captain of your own ship. The master of your own plan. You were given EVERYTHING you need to be the best you can by the SUPREME SOURCE of the Universe. Now all you have to do is BELIEVE it to be true, and SO IT IS! LOVE & LIGHT

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