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Just My Thoughts

Just My thoughts

As I look upon the state of this world right now, I’m reminded to stay in gratitude’s reach. There are so many horrible things happening, and I do not take any of them LIGHTLY. None at all. However, I have a greater overstanding of this ascension and the purpose that ALL things serve….this overstanding makes it easier to SEE clearly thru all of the turmoil that exist.

It seems as though everyone wants to take the “good” and leave the “bad”…but what would this world, this life, be without the “bad”? We must really stop and breathe into that. Even the ones that show up as wretched, fearful, angry, evil, manipulative, and so one…their existence is ON PURPOSE. In this 3D world, without the so called “dark ones” pushing us and driving us thru fear there would be no elevation - no ascension as we would all be stagnant and complacent with the way things are.

Darkness exist for a reason. We have to understand that. All things are birthed thru darkness - thru nothingness. So once we change the way we view darkness, it doesn’t become so scary anymore. It just IS as everything else IS.

Like us, the dark ones are EVOLving as well. They too have a mission to carry out in this incarnation, however heinous it may be. Even still, we must remember that without them there is no us. As we are all connected in this UNIverse, and rather than wishing them harm or ill will, why not wish them LOVE. Some of the greatest avatars of our past taught us this lesson, but so many times we get caught up in the “eye for an eye” mentality and miss the opportunity to forgive, let go and let GOD/SOURCE/Prime Creator be God as your life. Like Ghandi said, this eye for an eye mentality can only leave the whole world blind, and it has really brought us to the point that we are at now. History has shown us over and over again that any time we bring war about to stamp something out - we really only bring more of that thing we are trying to stamp out as the Law of Attraction says “Like Attracts Like.” There are no exceptions to this rule.

It’s time to begin anew, and change our way of thinking so that our actions, words, and creations all align with our thoughts of LOVE. I know there is a ton of pain existing with us now, but there is also a ton of LOVE and beauty. We must all be strong enough, spiritually, to SEE this clearly. There are more LOVE beings waking up now than ever before, and for that I give thanks. There are more people willing to surrender to LOVE’s higher purpose now more than ever, and I give thanks for that.

Every soul that is here - is here for a purpose and a reason. The injustices that they experience are for a purpose and a reason. These should serve as a catalyst for uniting not anger and more terror. A grand example of this is the incarceration of Mumia Abu Jamal, who after decades behind bars - most on death row- is still able to inspire in LOVE and bring about awareness in LOVE. We must take on the energy, that awareness, that clarity and spread THAT message throughout the world. THAT’S WHAT THESE TIMES ARE ABOUT. In reading any of Brother Jamal’s books, if you were living in a cave somewhere, you would swear he is FREE…because HE IS. His mind soars, only his body is behind bars but even still he gets his message out. He continues on with his work. He presses forward for US ALL. Imagine if Brother Jamal would have caved? Imagine if he would have given in to SEEing the pain and depression and anger of his oppressors…..We must take on that spirit…that torch…that LOVE….

Resistance is getting us nowhere, and has never served as a catalyst for anything but more of what we don’t want. The separative thoughts and ways of being, buying into this race, creed, and class game, have all failed us - yet we are insistent on keeping these things alive instead of SEEIng past all of this into the ONEness that connects us all. It’s time to use our EYE and SEE SOURCE in everything and everyone. This world will not change if we continue to do what we have been doing. NOW, more than ever before, this is a call to LOVE where the only arms one needs to bear are the arms of LOVE, compassion, gratitude, joy, hope, and abundance. I know it sounds a bit “fairytalish”…..but it’s never collectively been done - until now.

What if by joining together we could change this world….doesn’t that sound better than dividing to conquer? Your world will be as you create it to be. Your world will reflect the thoughts that you bring into form, whether they be predominantly chaotic thoughts or LOVing thoughts - you will decide.

As this world crumbles around us, I will us all the courage to let go and become more ourselves - more of the gods and goddesses we incarnated to be.

Sending LOVE from where I stand - from my sphere to yours - Namaste.

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