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As I close my eyes

And take myself to a different place

As I close my eyes

And dream about goin' into space

There are things in this world

That you just can't change

To men and women from boys and girls

This world can seem strange

I might not be the easiest to relate

Amazing how easily a heart can break

Something so beautiful is so fragile

With your eyes and soul that goes on for miles

Replace the frowns and tears with smiles

Life is all about your smiles and cries

Life is all about your truths and lies

Be able to tell the difference between

And life will be the most beautiful thing seen

We're all on the search for love and purpose

There are events that will degrade and hurt us

But we never should view ourselves as worthless

Can we rebuild? Can we come together and work this?

So much of life can be such a mystery...

When you look back at our history...

There's dramas and there's happy stories...

This future has so much left in store for me

I've felt so much pain and it has hurt

Happiness and sadness only come in spurts

You leave behind some to make room for others

But I'd never leave you behind for another

Because there are people that are just that important

There have been feelings that remained dormant

But they all come to the surface in the end

How we deal with them, on us, always depends

Question whether the means justifies the ends

If you're happier with the decisions you've made

Once the field is viewed and the games are played

And you see that so many mean nothing

Once you're ready for unconditional lovin'

Things you thought were actually wasn't

So many people out here are just frontin'

But this is different than anything I've seen before

There are things I can't forget that rocked my core

Changed my mindset and how I viewed my life

I came out of the darkness to see the light

Who knew that it would be so bright?

Some will make you laugh...

Some will make you cry...

Who can make you laugh thru the tears

Life goes like a 3D graph

There are lows and highs

You go from braveries to deafening fears

How do you deal with your tribulations?

I'm not tryin' to start somethin' with instigation

I'm just trying to question this life

So I can see the wrong and right


I'm not a messenger; I'm not a saint

I'm just an artist with brand new paint

I'm not Godly and I'm not divine

I'm just a person lookin' for a sign

I'm not who everyone says I should be

I'm just Collin dreamin' of how it could be

And the world never ceases to spin

Hopin' good deeds outweigh the sins

The day that the human race loses hope

Is the day we descend down the slippery slope

We all have the power to change our future...

Change our present...

Accept our past...

So I research our past further and further


The life we live and the chances we give

Should never be taken for granted

Can dreams make our reality to what it is?

Does it matter what I've just ranted?

Or am I just a radical and a crazy person?

Am I a pessimist sayin' things could worsen?

Am I an optimist sayin' we could change it?

For this life, there's nothin' I would exchange it...

Nothin' you offer could make me trade

This life I've lived and the dreams I've made

I've seen the beauty of a human soul

I've seen you're the only one to make you whole

My heart has more in it than just coal

There's darkness, but there's more light

And so I keep on fighting my endless fight

To see more than just meets the eyes

And my looks mean more than it implies

Chase your dreams to the end of the earth

And show the masses you're more than your worth

Surprise the doubters and the haters

Humble the pimps and the players Show the evil ones that you're better

Be the positive one; be the "Go-Getter"Show 'em the sun in the stormy weatherTake the hate and convert it into loveThey got the crow, while you got the dove

We're all human... We all bleed our blood

And the emotion bleed out our hearts

Don't put it together just to tear it apart

This ain't a physical battle, it's a spiritual war

Never forget what it is that you're fighting for

Because then it's just pointless violence

And, at the end, there'll be nothin' but silence So how does this pointless poem end?

You gotta write it, so I guess it depends...Maybe it doesn't end, it just goes on...It takes us to a place where there's no right or wrong

It's the first verse of the endless song...So keep writing it, cuz my mind is tired

I'm not done here... I'm far from retired

This job keeps goin' 'till the end of time

With each word I write; with every rhymeFrom every verse to each and every line

Dream of a world with no deaf or blind

Where we all hear and see the bigger picture...Remember that everthing ain't always what it seems

We go to sleep into reality and wake up into the dream

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