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Black To Our Roots

The Black To Our Roots program is a Youth Leadership and Rites of Pasage program that promotes African cultural values as a means of developing positive self-identity and collective responsibility. This program was specifically designed to reduce the negative impacts of poor education and community apathy that exists in so many urban environments. This year-long program provides youth with the tools to become active participants in the unity and development of in their local communities and the global African community. The program culminates in a 3-week travel study to Africa during the summer in which students apply their learning to community service projects, while exchanging ideas with African youth.

The Black To Our Roots program targets High School youth from underserved urban communities and assists them to:

Raise money for their travel to Africa through creative business exercises that teach entrepreneurship and organization

Create compelling video programs and artistic performances that explore important issues within the African Diasporan community

Travel to various places within the US of historical and cultural significance in the exploration of the African American experience.

Connect with the earth through gardening and camping, which teaches basic survival skills and sustainable living practices.

Establish bonds with other youth in the African Diaspora that are long-lasting and meaningful

Study the achivements and history of African communities around the world, fostering cultural awareness

This program is a labor of love, meaning, it is challenging and will require a lot of your time and commitment. You will be expected to attend all workshops (once a week) as well as participate in regular fundraisers (at least once a month) and complete all assignments. The program will culminate in a 4-week travel study to Ghana and Ethiopia during the summer 2012 in a journey that will be life-changing and will help you to discover your true identity and potential. Remember that ‘the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first footstep.’ The Black To Our Roots program is a journey of self-discovery … but you must first answer the call!!!




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