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A Short Story

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. - Zimbabwe Proverb


“I got orders to go to Japan” were the exact words I heard on the other end of the phone, while I was laying on the futon/bed/couch/table/desk/whatever else. Without hesitation I replied “Oh yeah we going to Japan?, oh shit I'm going to Japan tomorrow!'” This was around the time Jay-Z dropped the Black Album, so that's why I said that line. She said “In order for you to go to Japan with me we got to get married.” I responded “Okay” Decision made!!

I was talking to my current girlfriend at the time that whom we will call Matrice, I was about a year removed from getting kicked out the USAF. She was still in the Air Force stationed in South Dakota. I kept in contact with her and for some reason she kept calling me back so I felt a sense of security and didn't want to loose that connection that we had at the time.

The main reason I wanted to go to Japan was to get out of my current situation (futon/bed/couch/table/desk/whatever else.) that I was dealing with at the time. Looking back on the situation I didn't truly lover her at that very moment in time, but I like the feeling that I got knowing that when I got from work I could call and she would answer the phone. I felt what everybody wanted to feel at some point in their existence, I felt needed.

I was living with a relative of mine at the time, and she was dealing with a some folks that got it in by any means necessary. Matrice came to visit me one day and we left to go visit my cousin and his girlfriend, in a neighboring apartment complex, about five minutes away. About ten minutes after we get there I get a phone call “You need to come home somebody broke in the house.” Five minutes later I'm back at the apartment, I head room and check to see what was taken. Nothing of mine was taken, matter of fact the only thing that was taken was so drugs and money, from her room.

Long story short we were accused of stealing it, death threats were made, two days later I was on a Greyhound Bus to South Dakota. I got married on (around September 15 2005, in a chapel on Ellsworth Air Force Base. I went and bought a collared shirt which turned out to be small as hell, the slacks I bought were no different. I was literally and figuratively tight about the situation that I was in.

Matrice put some thought into her wedding gear, she had on a white dress, white shoes and some flowers makeup and the whole nine. While me on the other hand stood at the altar in clothes that weren't designed with me in mind. She came down the aisle tears flowing down her face. I was like “WTF are you crying for, what you don’t want to marry me? Is she scared? Man I hope she don’t leave me standing her at this altar, that would be fucked up.”

We ended up getting married that day, my nigga David or was it Darnell? I don't remember but I know that they both were there. We battler through the next few months in South Dakota, eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes brunch. On New Years Eve we took off from LAX on our way to Tokyo, Japan. I was excited for what waited for me on the other side of the Pacific Ocean a new land, culture and everything else. I was listening to a CD player while we were somewhere over the Pacific, I felt a tap on my shoulder so I removed the head phones and Matrice said “I want a divorce”.........TO BE CONTINUED


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