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A Poem By Amal

Like a tranquil flame

My heart remains free of any commotion and disturbances…

I’m ready

The thought of loving you leaves my mind in solitude from reality

My thoughts are submerged into an everlasting journey of what can be…

I’m ready

These thoughts fill my mind, but leave my soul hungry for more

As my body allows itself to sink into this space of you…

I’m ready

My mind floats as pure as the breeze that surely blows into tomorrow

My thoughts are caressed by the essence of what comes with tomorrow…

I’m ready

My soul calls to you knowing you from a past lifetime

Your mind and spirit is my guiding light towards a future, uncertainties lifted…

I’m ready

As our souls transcend to the physical this moment is etched with certainty…

Like a warm summer breeze your entire being caresses my soul leaving me in a state of infinite rapture…


By chance or by fate we were brought together to bring life to our dreams, thoughts, and prayers.

No longer will the existence of my true love be questioned…


Breathe me in, feel our souls unite, and merge into one being

Exhale….I’m ready

Are you?


The Souls Purpose


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