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"You have no idea how seeing that orange package lit up my life!! That literally made my week (which has been just insane)! And thank you so much for the token of gratitude. I really appreciate it. Can I just say that I get an overwhelming feeling when I wear your stones. I can't completely explain it but it's the feeling you get when something's about to happen but you just dont know what.

As I explained earlier, I was feeling lost a few weeks ago and I'm slowly finding my center but I have had a lot of weight on me lately. I'm not an very emotional person but I cried when i put on the stones. Like, I Immediately burst into tears and I needed it!

Anyway, not to go on a rant but I just wanted to share how appreciative I am and why.

Thanks again love. Peace. " - CPort

"My life coach experience was an experience I wish I had years ago… (I’d probably be in a better position in life right now… lol) Soni made me feel very comfortable to express myself and she made me realize that I need to be more gentle with myself.  In life, we tend to put our focus on everything and everyone around us but this brave heart experience really made me dissect myself on a deeper level without pointing fingers at people or anything outside of self. I looked forward to our sessions and her energy.  Her dream interpretations and tarot readings unraveled a lot of the mystery that lingered in my mind for a long while.  I wish I could have a session everyday but it is time to ride the bike of life without the training wheels and enjoy the adventure that awaits.  I thank you Soni, for your time and dedication to people that need a boost, push or a lending hand to reach the goal of mastering SELF.  Forever grateful and humbled!" - Darnelle L-J

"My experience with the coaching has been awesome! You have helped me to get to the root of my problems and find my true self. You didn't sugar coat anything and was straightforward about everything!! My tarot readings have been spot on and so real! I will continue to come to you when I need to know because you have been an eye-opener!! I have also bought malas as well and I haven't gotten to wear them because my daughter has taken them all so she loves them and wears them all the time! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world." - LaTisha"So I found the magical Ms Sonia on IG from a friend of a friend. Originally I was interested in the Malas she created and I followed her for over a year before I made a purchase. Received my first batch of malas and love them. I could tell there was a ton care put into them from the packaging to the malas themselves. So I browsed her website and saw she offer a range or services, I chose the life coaching package. After a slow start I realized I wasn’t in need of much coaching but Sonya didn’t give up and eventually got me to open up about a recent problem that had taken place. 

I’m a real estate agent and a former client had turned on me and was threatening my livelihood with lies and complaints to the real estate commission and also threatened a lawsuit. This hurt me deep because the client was someone I had gone out of my way to help. I felt as if a dark spirit was attacking me and I had nowhere to turn. Welp Sonia just so happened to offer a black candle service for harmlessly removing people from your path. Harmlessly being the key word. So we did the black candle service and sent me pics along the way and gave me synopsis of the energy she was feeling. She told me the key was believing. So I left the problems there at her alter. After months and months with no word from my accuser, Sonia checked in to see how things were going, I had no news but was confident her service did the trick and I had nothing to worry about! 

Approximately 5 months later, the day after a rare full Harvest Moon , I received a text message from my accuser, saying she was ready to settle for what we had originally offered her and would sign a document releasing me from all liability and effectively removing herself from my path! I couldn’t wait to tell Sonia! I sent her a message right after the papers were signed and her reply “She's still tied up in my jar. Im not letting her free. “

I am a true fan and a customer for life. Not only was the rituals effective but it was affordable and I felt she actually cared about my individual situation. I’m super appreciative and can’t wait to use her services again. I now feel like a have a friend with vast knowledge of the esoteric that can help me get through any situation that comes my way! Thanks Soni!! " - S.H

The Creator of Namaste LOVElight with the 1st pop up storeKing in his Banded Onyx MalaMy loved ones wearing their Garveys!Banded Black OnyxHandwritten thank you notes with your purchases. That's why I support Tiger Eye & LOVE braceletVibin Kundalini Express, Banded Onyx, & Aventurine & Black JasperTiger Eye in NYBlack Onyx MalaTiger Eye & Citrine Hippie Headband & Ring/Bracelet Duo : my Malas are powerful combined! My leopard jasper is tingling my arm! I can feel the energy! Angel King (Red Jade Mala) & Turqoise LOVELIGHT BraceletLOVE bracelet, Tourmaline Bracelet & The Garvey'sCustomized citrine, amethyst, and rose quartz anklet : The great news is my gorgeous Malas came today!! I am so excited. Order yours today!!  : My beautiful, handmade Green Aventurine & Black Jasper bracelet came!!! And it's all LOVE! : I'm not stopping until I have them ALL. EXCLUSIVELY available at LOVE bracelet, Leopard Jasper & Tiger EyeThe Garvey's : thank you for the blessing,I really appreciate it. I love all of them.
 : The Garvey's & Aventurine & Black Jasper : Tiger Eye & The GarveysYellow Agate & Tumbled Tiger EyeTiger Eye & Bone  : Thanks for the wonderful customer service! :0) I LOVE the bracelet, and it fits perfectly. The Letter People Collection : HAPPY DAY! I arise to find the package I've been waiting for, arriving with the energy of the HEART chakra...The GarveysRockin Her Letter People Collection : Big Black Fist NOT IncludedEnergy Right....Yea, I LOVE my malasGreen Aventurine & Black JasperGot Mines!Purple Haze MalaMy RBG Garvey Jawns! Love Love Love em!Customized "Letter People Collection""Feeling hazy!"Malas arrived yesterday! Thank you for your energy!Banded Onyx & Sodalite Malas
BE Aventurine BraceletThe Garvey's & Magnetic HemamtitieCarnelian Ring Bracelet : Amethyst Hippie HeadbandRing BraceletOnyx & Tiger EyeThe NOW Signature MalaThe NOW Signature Mala
Clear Quartz & New JadeRed JadeFeather Earrings for my G...Goddess that isMoonstone Waistbeads
yin & YangRock Crystal BuddhaHe was supporting me before the store opened.....One of my long time best friends with his Tiger EyeFluorite in the sunObsidian, Green Jade, And Garnet Ankh rosaryHematite WaistbeadsCarnelian enscribed OM bead with Red Tiger Eye (Only 2 of it's kind) Triple Carnelian Waistbeads
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