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Bravehearts-Take Off Your Cool

The world has become more and more noisy with the creation of social networks. Though so many great meetings occur through these sites, it seems that over time the noise has become increasingly louder, and I often ask myself what is being said. It seems that social networks give so many a platform to speak their beliefs, feelings, ideas, rhetoric and dogma - which is good, everyone needs an outlet, but the more I read/hear/see/listen to, the more I wonder who is speaking behind the words and where are they speaking from.
This so called spiritual life, and the community I often run into on social networks, has, to me, become nothing more than the same as the religious world that we all claim to have "awaken" from. Words have merely been replaced with other words, but the idea....the condemnation/fear/judgments/grouping has all continued, and I find that the more followers one has, the more powerful they believe themselves to be....if only on this thing we call the internet. I've witnessed humility that could once be felt in every line turn to an indirect ...almost passive aggressive "I know more & better than you" egoic tone that floods timelines....and it all brings me to ask, what are we truly in this for....ourselves, or the whole? Who is truly speaking.....the heart or the mind? Did we truly awaken.....or did we just fall into a dream within a dream?

Where there is balance there is a better understanding of the extremes of the world and their need. Both light & dark are needed. Both mind and heart are needed. And contrary to popular belief, the ego at one point in our existence was even needed......but we have forgotten the balance of all things. We have forgotten the great law of "As above, So below." And so we speak, without truly listening to ourselves or others.....but rather just to hear ourselves and see how others interpret what we deem as great...only to place ourselves on these pedestals to be looked up to and revered as some sort of "special" person. In essence, because we have forgotten the balance, we speak from our egos. It's all mind talk.......and we mute the heart. Bind it, cover it, guard it in the name of protection, and condemn it to silence. We hide it behind so many barriers of fear, that it makes it impossible for anyone to penetrate our very core. So then as the heart screams in silence, the mind is left to lead us.......but to where?

This so called spiritual world is becoming a big business, just like religion.....and everyone wants a piece. Right before our very eyes, we are beginning to complicate the very simplicity that we said we awakened to. I find that it is so easy to recite a great passage, or piece together the perfect tweet.......but what are we truly living. Where are we speaking from? What will we pause for, and truly listen to? Anyone can recite dogma & rhetoric.....the mind can do that with ease as it has been conditioned to do lifetime after lifetime, and thus has essentially become a master of it......but it takes the heart to get to & through the core of get through to the core of our very being.
Until we are brave enough to be truly honest with ourselves about who and what we truly are, there is nothing being said....mere words jumbled up falling on deaf ears that have forgotten their purpose. It's amazing to think how chaotic and confusing words have become. Easy to say, but difficult to follow up as we've moved from the vulnerability of being opened to the elusive protection of being closed.....I'm talking soul here.
There is comfort to be found in both silence & speaking. Comfort to be found in both speaking & listening. Comfort to be found in the simplicity of communication when we allow it to serve it's purpose, instead of our own. As life continues to happen to us and through us, and moments continue to become the now, I invite us all to remove our egoic self from it's stance as the guard for the heart's prison walls, and allow our true selves a moment of freedom.
Only when we find peace in the moment
Only when we allow space to simply be
Only when we smooth out the tangles
Only when we allow our hearts to soar free
Only when our actions & words align
Only when LOVE is the platform
Only when the here becomes the NOW
Only when we allow the art of communication to bridge the gaps, will we be able to reunite as one.
It's your heart -
Begging for a simple moment to speak.

Be brave.
Allow it.


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zaji on Friday, April 25, 2014 10:27 PM
These are the very things that have been flooding my soul lately. There are days when I want to just sit in silence and not move. I want time to stop, for everyone to stop and listen, not to me or anyone else, but to their own soul, to the stars, to the galaxies, to the creative force that whispers so low that it is only in complete silence that we can hear it. I understand this, what you've written. It is a huge part of the reason why I often feel like I don't belong here. I find myself falling into the words that are meaningless to many. I wonder, why bother speak? Why bother write? Why bother trying to create a book of fiction? Will it resolve anything? A part of me feels as though it won't. So much I do these days feels like a waste of time. I feel as though I'm going with the motions...saying what needs to be said in hopes of reaching they can transform this world. I don't know. There is a sadness in me. Spirituality has become a new religion for most people I have met. There is nothing to do with this knowledge. Because when we are in our skin, we cannot see ourselves. Anyhoo, I'm rambling. Thanks for the post. I feel it deeply.
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