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As I was sitting today, working on a few things for the site, I was over taken by gratitude for what is. I remember when all of this began a couple of years ago, and to see where it is now really humbles me beyond belief. It has been very difficult for me over the last year, as my life has changed so dramatically with the extensive traveling, but I have had a renewed vision for Namaste LOVElight.
Two years ago, I was deep into the corporate world. I worked for an investment firm, and made loads of money. Tons of it. The most I've ever made in my adult life. I remember I used to go out and have huge bar bills, restaurant bills, and so on...I shopped so much I literally ran out of things to purchase. I'd come home and realize I had purchased 2 of the same thing. I thought that I was successful and that I had finally reached that goal of "making it" that I grew up hearing about.
This lifestyle went on for a while. I worked so much, I was exhausted, but I was making so much money and helping so many people financially....yet I was MISERABLE. My body was weak, my mind was drained, and my soul did not want to do what I was doing another day. I remember calling my family, and most of them telling me to "wait until you find another job Soni.".....they didn't understand.....I COULDN'T wait. SO I went into my office the next day, worked the entire day, cleaned out my office and never went back.
I had no idea of what I was going to do, I just knew that I could no longer bare to feel like "that." I was consumed with work and things, and I realized that I wasn't living.
Fast forward a couple years, a friend of mine remembered in college that I made malas. I would purchase malas and then immediately restring them removing the tassel (cause it always got in my way) and using a thicker string. He asked me to make one for him, which I did. I posted a pic on twitter of what I had created......and YOU guys went bananas.....I remember getting so many inquiries that night about where people could purchase one, and I had no answer for them.
The Universe is so groovy, because so many people were led to me and served as messengers without even realizing it. I remember a girl, out of the blue, tweeting to me about ETSY (which I had never heard of) and telling me how easy it was to create a I did. With NO money and NO inventory and only a handful (maybe 3 or 5 ) malas posted, within 10 days I literally had orders for about 97 malas. I remember having to wait for my unemployment check to hit to purchase the gems and envelopes for all of the orders. And now, I'm getting ready to launch new stock.....with new gems and it feels so good.
And now, 2 years later with over 96K page hits, you guys are still showing me LOVE. Even as I travel so extensively, and am guys are patient and wait however long it takes me to get re-energized. You have no idea how much that means to me. No idea what a grand lesson that is for me.
So now, more than ever I want to get back to me. Get back to life, and healing, and wholeness, and just making space to become better. I cannot thank you guys and your LOVE & support enough. I write it in my cards, and I hope you all feel just how sincere I am......cause honestly, I could not have done any of this without YOU......without YOU, there is no me. There is no separation.
Thank you for being with me through this infinity & beyond.

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