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No Matter What

I may say some things to get you thinking.I may say somethings that make you angry. I may post something you think is outlandish. I may talk about unity, and that may not vibrate with you. I may call ALL people my sistars & brothers - GODS & GODDESSES, not just those that share my skin color. I may not believe as you believe. I may post seemingly outrageous supernatural videos, and you may not agree. I may share a channeled message from Salusa of Sirius, and you may not take me serious. I may speak of higher dimensional beings, and starseeds, and other planets.

Just My Thoughts

Just My thoughts
As I look upon the state of this world right now, I’m reminded to stay in gratitude’s reach. There are so many horrible things happening, and I do not take any of them LIGHTLY. None at all. However, I have a greater overstanding of this ascension and the purpose that ALL things serve….this overstanding makes it easier to SEE clearly thru all of the turmoil that exist.
It seems as though everyone wants to take the “good” and leave the “bad”…but what would this world, this life, be without the “bad”?


They say that Motivation is like bathing… must be done daily. When you think about it like that it seems to make better sense.

We have to do a better job of motivating ourselves. Rising up, like a Phoenix to hit the ground running happy and full of energy. We shouldn’t wait around for others to motivate us, they will simply be lighting a dim light….but it’s up to us to carry the torch.

Focus less on the negative and more on the positive. List all the many things that you are thankful and grateful for to begin to shift your mind’s state.
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