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Money & Protection Ritual Magick

Before time was time, rituals were performed to celebrate, attract, release etc during moments of the human experience. I perform daily rituals to begin my days, and often perform nightly rituals for the same. Whether you are:
- In your own way- Uncovering/Discovering- Attracting- Strengthening- (Insert your personal need )
Rituals are a great way to merge energy (with me) to manifest clear intentions. All rituals will be scheduled, and followed up with 2-3 pictures and a brief summary. If you do not see a ritual that suits your needs below, please email me so that we may customize one for you.
Where two or more are joined, energy amplifies. I will hold space with you, and for you, so that the greater good manifest through.

Group rituals will receive personal pictures, if possible, and a brief summary.

Please innerstand that I put ALL of my energy into each and every ritual. You will have to be patient/flexible, as I refuse to minimize your energetic needs by performing a ritual while drained. You deserve all this universe has to offer, and I am humbled that you have chosen me to work with manifesting your desires.

Once you sign up, please email your intentions to me at [email protected]

Due to the high demand on ritual request, there is a 21 - 33 business day scheduling delay. It is best to purchase so that your service is scheduled as soon as possible.  Do not allow this to hinder your intentions, rather allow it to assist you in practicing patience.

DISCLAIMER: This service is sold as a curio ONLY, and absolutely NO CLAIMS or GUARANTEES that it will produce any tangible results whatsoever. Buy at your own risk and use at your own discretion. For entertainment purposes ONLY.
Please note: Please be courteous of my space and energy. I am more than happy to work with you to create and perform your ritual, however I will not continuously email or message you on IG after the ritual is performed, as I am an empathy and must be cognizant of my space. I appreciate your respect of my boundaries. If you are in need of  constant correspondence, please consider a life coaching session.

Here is a very kind review that I recently received from a PHENOMENAL gent:

So I found the magical Ms Sonia on IG from a friend of a friend. Originally I was interested in the Malas she created and I followed her for over a year before I made a purchase. Received my first batch of malas and love them. I could tell there was a ton care put into them from the packaging to the malas themselves. So I browsed her website and saw she offer a range or services, I chose the life coaching package. After a slow start I realized I wasn’t in need of much coaching but Sonya didn’t give up and eventually got me to open up about a recent problem that had taken place. 
I’m a real estate agent and a former client had turned on me and was threatening my livelihood with lies and complaints to the real estate commission and also threatened a lawsuit. This hurt me deep because the client was someone I had gone out of my way to help. I felt as if a dark spirit was attacking me and I had nowhere to turn. Welp Sonia just so happened to offer a black candle service for harmlessly removing people from your path. Harmlessly being the key word. So we did the black candle service and sent me pics along the way and gave me synopsis of the energy she was feeling. She told me the key was believing. So I left the problems there at her alter. After months and months with no word from my accuser, Sonia checked in to see how things were going, I had no news but was confident her service did the trick and I had nothing to worry about! 
Approximately 5 months later, the day after a rare full Harvest Moon , I received a text message from my accuser, saying she was ready to settle for what we had originally offered her and would sign a document releasing me from all liability and effectively removing herself from my path! I couldn’t wait to tell Sonia! I sent her a message right after the papers were signed and her reply “She's still tied up in my jar. Im not letting her free. “
I am a true fan and a customer for life. Not only was the rituals effective but it was affordable and I felt she actually cared about my individual situation. I’m super appreciative and can’t wait to use her services again. I now feel like a have a friend with vast knowledge of the esoteric that can help me get through any situation that comes my way! Thanks Soni!! 

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